Lekin agar in me pani mix

(sherma k): Ye Pyar kya hota hai..?
pyar ka rishta 2 insano me wohi, hota
jo cement or rait k darmiyaan pani ka
hota hai..
farz karo
Ladka = cement
Ladki = rait
Love = pani
ab agar cement or rait ko aapas me
jaye to
wo strong,
nahi honge,
lekin agar in me pani mix
kar diya jaye,
to koi in ko Judaa nahi kar sakta

Ladki(hans k): Kamine tu shakal se
lagta hai.

I broke up wid him today

I broke up wid him today,
I told him i was’nt happy,
he did’nt ask why,
I thought he would ask me to stay,
But he did’nt,
He just let me go,just like dat,
i lost the guy i waited 4 so l0ng,

She broke up with me today,
she said she was’nt happy,
i was to0 hurt to ask why,
i wanted to stop her 4rm leaving,
Bt if she’s nt happy wid me,
there’s no way i can make her stay,
So,i just let her go,
Just like dat,
I lost the girl i’ve been dreaming of so l0ng,

that’s the problm of ego,it’s always c0me in the
middle of l0ve…
& seprate two l0vers like dat..
Have u ever showed ego to ur l0ved 0nes??

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