Sometimes At Night

Sometimes At Night
When I Look To The Sky
I Start Thinking Of U
Nd Then Ask Myself, Why?
Why Do I Love U?
I Think Nd Smile
Becoxe I Know
The List Could Run On 4r Miles
The Whisper Of Ur Voice
The Warmth Of Ur Touch
So Many Little Things
That Make Me Love U So Much
The Way U Support Me
Nd Help With My Emotions
The Way That U CaRe
Show Such Devotion
The Way That Ur Kiss
Fills Me With Desire
Nd How U Hold Me With
The Warmth Of A Blazing Fire
The Way Ur Eyes Shine
When U Look At Me
Lost With U 4rever
Is Where I Want To B
The Way That I Feel
When U’re By My Side
A Sense Of Completion
Overflowing Pride
The Dreams That I Dream
That All Involve U
The Possibilities I See
The Things We Can Do
How U Finish The Puzzle
That Lies Inside My Heart
How That Deep In My Soul
U R The Most Important Part
I Could Go On 4r Days
Telling Of What I Feel
But All U Really Must Know
Is My Love 4r U Is Real.

Mom I Love U

Mom I Love U

Growing Up U Were So Dear
Things To Me U Made So Clear
U Clothed Me With Things To Wear
Com4rt U Gave Through The Years

Mother Ur Love Is Sincere
U Taught Me How To Persevere
To Me Now They Do Adhere
No Punishment Too Severe

Mom I Love U, Never To Stray
I Have Taken In Ur Loving Way
I Bless U Mother As I Pray.

The Sparkle In Ur Eye

The Sparkle In Ur Eye
The Warmth Of Ur Skin
Ur Breath On My Neck
That Quivers Within

The Touch Of Ur HaNd
The Smell Of Ur Hair
The Kindness In Ur Smile
That Strength In Ur StaRe.

Ur Kiss On My Lips
Ur Body Near Mine
The Stroke Of Ur Touch
That Feeling Inside

The Sound Of Ur Voice
Compassion In Ur Embrace
The Serenity In Ur Stride
The Power In Ur Face

The Calming Of Ur Presence
The Beating Of Ur Heart
The Promise Of Tomorrow
That We May Never Part

The Beauty Of Ur Kiss
Nd That Magic In Ur Touch
It Is 4r All These Reasons Nd More
Why I Love U So Much.

I Don’t Think U Will

I Don’t Think U Will
Ever Fully UnderstNd
How U’ve Touched My Life
Nd Made Me Who I Am

I Don’t Think U Could Ever Know
Just How Truly Special U R
That Even On The Darkest Nigh8s
U R My Brightest Star.

I Don’t Think U Will Ever Fully Comprehend
How U’ve Made My Dreams Come True
Or How U’ve Opened My Heart
To Love Nd The Wonders It Can Do

U’ve Allowed Me To Experience
Something Very Hard To Find
Unconditional Love That Exists
In My Body, Soul, Nd Mind.

I Don’t Think U Could Ever Feel
All The Love I Have To Give
Nd I’m Sure U’ll Never Realize
U’ve Been My Will To Live.

U R An Amazing Person
Nd Without U I Don’t Know Where I’d B
Having U In My Life
Completes Nd Fulfills Every Part Of Me.

Life Goes On

Life Goes On

Walking By Myself,Beside The Waters Bed
I Feel So Alive,Yet So Dead
Watching People Go Seeing Life Move On
I Wonder What Ur Doing Right Now.

B My “Friend” That’s What We R
So We Claim That’s Who We R
But R We “Friends”? Where Do We StNd?
Please Tell Me Now, Be4re I Go.

“4rget Me Not”..U Always Say
“I’ll Always B There” U So Often Claim
U Seem So Clam As U Utter These Words
That Break My Heart In Two

U Belong To Another
My Heart Flows With Happiness
I Wish U Joy
May Ur Lives Together
B One Filled With Love.
I Smile 4r U My Love
I Congratulate The Lady
Who So Proudly StaNds By U
Isn’t She So Lucky

Life Goes On, Nd So Must I
Knowing U’ll Never
B A Part Of My Life
I Move On Carrying
This Weight Upon My Heart
The Longing To Hold U
Love U 4rever More

Well FRwell My Love
4r I Must Go..Cause
The Pain Just Wont Go Away
Only Leaving U With
The Thought That Someone Out
There Loves U More
Than Her Life Its Self.

Pray When U R young

Pray Always
Pray When U R Ung
Pray When U R Strong
Pray When U R Busy
Pray When U R Lazy
Pray When U’ve Much To Do
Prat When U’ve Nothing To Do
Pray When U R Weary
4r Now U Need God’s Caring.
Pray When U R Blue
Pray When U Have Flu
Pray When U R Gay
Pray When U R Okay
Don’t Wait Till U Have Become Old
Neither Wait Till U Become Bald
Life May B Long,Life May B Short
But Prayer Must B First At A Day’s Start.

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