You Are My Hero

You Are My Hero Dad,
You’re My Secure Foundation,
When I Think Of You, I’m Filled With Love,
And Fond Appreciation,
You Make Me Feel Protected,
I’m Sheltered By Your Care,
You’re Always My True Friend And Dad,
When I Need You, You’re Always There,
You Have A Place Of Honor,
Deep Within My Heart,
You’ve Been My Superhero Dad,
Right From The Very Start.

I Feel Your Love Wherever I Go

I Love You, Dad, And Want You To Know,
I Feel Your Love Wherever I Go,

Whenever I’ve Problems, You’re There To Assist,
The Ways You Have Helped Me Would Make Quite A List,

Your Wisdom And Knowledge Have Shown Me The Way,
And I’m Thankful For You As I Live Day By Day,

I Don’t Tell You Enough How Important You Are,
In My Universe You’re A Bright Shining Star.

You’re Doing Great

Terrific Father
You’re A Dad, And You’re Doing Great,
At Fatherly Duties You Star,
You Deserve To Celebrate,
The Terrific Father You Are,
You’re Doing A Wonderful Job,
And So We’d Like To Convey,
Our Respect And Admiration,
Happy Father’s Day.

I Love You Because You’re My

I Love You Because You’re My Father,
But You’re Really So Much More,
You’re A Guide And A Companion,
You And I Have Great Rapport,
You Pay Attention To Me,
You Listen To What I Say,
You Pass On Words Of Wisdom,
Helping Me Along The Way,
Whenever I’m In Trouble,
You Always Have A Plan,
You Are The Perfect Father,
And I’m Your Biggest Fan.

Perfect Dad Blend

Perfect Dad Blend,

I Am Glad You’re My Father,
You’re Really The Best,
As A Dad, You’re A Fine One,
I’m So Very Blessed,
You’re Smart, And You’re Strong,
Just A Perfect Dad Blend,
You’re My Father, My Counselor,
And A Really Good Friend.

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