Musharaf Murgion Say

Murgion Say,
Agar Tum Sab Ney Kal 2,2 Anday Na Diay Tou Sab,
Ko Kal Lal Masjid Ki Tarah Army,
Sey Halal Karva Dounga
Subah Us Ne,
Dekha Sab Ne 2 Anday Diye,
Magar Ek Se Usey 1 Anda Mila,

Tum Ne Ek Anda Q Dia?,
Janab Yeh B Army Ke Dar Ki Waja Se Dia Hai,
Waisey Main Murgha Hoon.

On great public deman releasing

On great public deman releasing all over Pakistan,
The return of phoolan devi,
Directed by Condi Rice,
Scripted in London &
Produced by GHQ,
Character Actress: BB (Benazir Bhutto),
Character Actor:Musharraf,
Supporting Actor:Fazal urf Maulana Diesel,
Characterless Actors:Chaudhries & Lagharie,
Dancer: Sherry,
Music: MQM
Action sponsored by Al-Qayaida.

Mush Was Out With His Driver

Mush Was Out With His Driver,

Their Car Hit A Dog Who Died,
Mush Asked The Driver To Go And Bury The Dog,
In The Nearby Village,
While Mush Waits In The Car,
After The Burial The Villagers Showered The Driver,
With Flowers And Carried Him On Their Shoulders,
Dancing And Were Very Happy,

Mush Asked The Driver Why Are They Doing This,
He Replied I Dont Know Sir,
I Just Told Them That I Am Mush’s Driver,
Aur Kutta Mar Gya Hai.

A Fisherman Catches A Fish

A Fisherman Catches A Fish.
And Brings It Home And Tells His Wife To Cook It.

Wife Replies:
Na Ata Hai
Na Bijli Hai.
Na Gas Hai
Na Oil Hai
Fish Kesay Pakaon?

Jao Iss Ko Ja Ker Pani Main Wapas Daal Ao

Fisherman Goes Back
And Throws The Fish Back In Water
After Sometime
Fish Gets Her Mouth Out Of Water And Shouts


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