Grandpa You’re The One

Grandpa You’re The One,
Grandpa You’re The Very Best,
You’re A Lot Of Fun,
When I Need Someone To Care,
Grandpa You’re The One,
You’re Always In A Real Good Mood,
I’m Happy When You’re With Me,
I Love You, And I Always Will,
You’re The Best Grandpa That Could Be,
Happy Father’s Day Grandpa.

A Poem For My Stepfather

A Poem For My Stepfather,
Although You Are My Stepdad,
You’re Really So Much More,
We Get Along So Well,
We Have Really Great Rapport,
You Always Listen To Me,
I Know You Really Care,
When I Really Need You,
I Know That You’ll Be There,
I’m Learning Really Good Things,
Just By Watching You,
Thanks For Being My Stepdad,
And For Being A Good Friend Too.

My Father Is A Christian

My Father Is A Christian,
He Leads Our Household Well,
With Instruction From The Bible,
Right Behavior He’ll Compel,
Yet He Steers Us With Compassion,
His Gentle Love Is True,
He Conforms To Our Lord Jesus,
So We Know Just What To Do,
He Teaches Us With Purpose,
Guides Us In All Godly Ways,
So We Will Take The Right Path,
And Serve Our Lord With Praise,
I’m Glad You’re A Christian, Dad,
You Help Me See Things Clearly,
I’ll Always Look Up To You,
And Love You Very Dearly.

A Little Boy Needs Daddy

A Little Boy Needs Daddy,
For Many, Many Things,
Like Holding Him High Off The Ground,
Where The Sunlight SingS,
Like Being The Deep Music,
That Tells Him All Is Right,
When He Awakens Frantic With,
The Terrors Of The Night,
Like Being The Great Mountain,
That Rises In His Heart,
And Shows Him How He Might Get Home,
When All Else Falls Apart,
Like Giving Him The Love,
That Is His Sea And Air,
So Diving Deep Or Soaring High,
He’ll Always Find Him There.

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