Life Goes On

Life Goes On

Walking By Myself,Beside The Waters Bed
I Feel So Alive,Yet So Dead
Watching People Go Seeing Life Move On
I Wonder What Ur Doing Right Now.

B My “Friend” That’s What We R
So We Claim That’s Who We R
But R We “Friends”? Where Do We StNd?
Please Tell Me Now, Be4re I Go.

“4rget Me Not”..U Always Say
“I’ll Always B There” U So Often Claim
U Seem So Clam As U Utter These Words
That Break My Heart In Two

U Belong To Another
My Heart Flows With Happiness
I Wish U Joy
May Ur Lives Together
B One Filled With Love.
I Smile 4r U My Love
I Congratulate The Lady
Who So Proudly StaNds By U
Isn’t She So Lucky

Life Goes On, Nd So Must I
Knowing U’ll Never
B A Part Of My Life
I Move On Carrying
This Weight Upon My Heart
The Longing To Hold U
Love U 4rever More

Well FRwell My Love
4r I Must Go..Cause
The Pain Just Wont Go Away
Only Leaving U With
The Thought That Someone Out
There Loves U More
Than Her Life Its Self.

Pray When U R young

Pray Always
Pray When U R Ung
Pray When U R Strong
Pray When U R Busy
Pray When U R Lazy
Pray When U’ve Much To Do
Prat When U’ve Nothing To Do
Pray When U R Weary
4r Now U Need God’s Caring.
Pray When U R Blue
Pray When U Have Flu
Pray When U R Gay
Pray When U R Okay
Don’t Wait Till U Have Become Old
Neither Wait Till U Become Bald
Life May B Long,Life May B Short
But Prayer Must B First At A Day’s Start.

Deep Love Delight

Deep Love Delight
Come Across The Moor With Me
In The Bright Moonlight
With No Fear Or Fright
I’ll Show U All My Heart
With My Deep Love Nd Delight

Its Better 4r U To Go With Me
It’ll Give U A Moment Light
To Think About The Times To Come
Which’ll Give Our Bond Strength Nd Sight
With My Deep Love Nd Delight

Don’t Procrastinate Ur Any Though8
It’ll Make U Future Out Of The Sight
Just Do Whatever U Think Is Rig8
But,I’m Here To Look 4r U
With My Deep Love Nd Delight

I Want U To B With Me
All The Day Nd All The Night
To ShaRe My Feelings Which I’ve 4r U
I’ll Give U Every Moment Of My Life
With My Deep Love Nd Delight.

A Wonderful Romance

A Wonderful Romance
A Fairy Tale
Matching Interests
Passionate Songs
Endless Talks
Common Visions
Dreamy Eyes
Sleepless Nights
Amorous Hearts
Restless Minds
Engrossed Lovers
Teaser Chums
An Impetuous Proposal
A Bedazzled Yes
A Home Of Dreams
A Castle In Sand
A Bunch Of Promises
A Series Of Vows
A Tidal Wave
A Gust Of Wind
An Angry Thunder
A Furious Storm
A Misty Vision
A Shadowed Trail
A Clouded Sky
A Moonless Night
A Crash In The Rocks
A Shattered Ship
Two Casualties
A Zillion Audience.

The Darkness Falls Fast Nd Clammy

The Darkness Falls Fast Nd Clammy
Amid The Grey Of The Gathering Clouds
As The Sun Hides Its Hard Heat
Behind The Dancing Horizon
The Shadows Take On Shimmering Life
In The Midst Of The Entwined Trees
As Their Branches Move Like
Skeletal Fingers, The Leaves Hissing
In The Stiffening Breeze
I Walk Fast Nd Edgy
HNds Damply Clenching
Hair Long In My Face
Skin Sticky 4rm Fear
Becoxe I Know
I Know
What Lies In The Shadow
Watching Me
Wanting Me Craving Me
My Life’s Sweetness
Sleeping All Day
Ready 4r The Night
Taste Of Copper Hot On Its Breath
Skin Cold Nd Clammy,
Touch Of The Dead.
My Breath, It Comes Quick As
The Leaves Whisper Nd Move
Nd I Smell Death In The Dank Air
Dry Nd Fetid Like The Earth
Under My Fleeing Feet
I Turn Eyes Wide, Glistening
Nd See It In The Hissing Trees

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